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Lyn Varty

Founder of Pause Retreats

Lyn is the founder of Pause Retreats. She created a nurturing space where women are welcome just as they are, to unplug, to just be, to relax, recharge and reconnect to self and God. A safe haven away from the busyness, demands, responsibilities and pressures of life.

Lyn has found over the last 30 years that it is extremely beneficial and vital to take time out, to be still and surrender. God has ministered, healed, restored, encouraged, inspired, and given her creative ideas, refreshed and drawn her closer to the Heavenly Father, where He has showered her in His love and grace.

It is extremely beneficial and vital to take time out to nourish our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It is not God’s desire for us to go through the motions and merely survive but he wants us to thrive.

She is still learning and growing in how to practice the presence of God, being still and hearing God’s gentle still voice. She has found it is a discipline and commitment to set time aside to be with her Heavenly Father. 

She loves creating spaces to hang out with God, to pause, be still and surrender. When you attend a private retreat for an individual or a small group of up to 3 ladies, you can expect to enter a safe, comfortable, personal space/studio tucked away in a small garden and pond where your mind, body and soul will be nurtured; a space to re-centre, reconnect, replenish, recharge, and realign to self and God.

What Our Clients are Saying about Pause Retreats

“...From the moment I walked in, I felt a sense of peace descend.  I thoroughly recommend this retreat if you want to re-charge your batteries and feel cared for and nurtured at the same time.”
- Aisla

Happy Clients
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Deluxe Day Pause Retreat

What is included in my day retreat?

Personally designed stationary pack which includes notepad and pen.

Reflection, question and psychoeducation information and scripture booklet/folder for the related topic/theme you choose.


A decadent morning and afternoon tea, lunch and selection of drinks. High tea is available at an additional cost. 

Use of the massage chair that gives you an immersive and luxurious experience.

Deluxe Foot Spa 

Check in at 9am and checkout at 5pm (8 Hours in the studio).

Prior to attending your retreat, “Preparation and Information” email and items will be forwarded.

What's Included
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Pause Retreats Studio Only

A safe space to come and process grief and trauma; take time out to rest and recharge, connect to self and God. A safe haven away from the busyness, demands, responsibilities and pressures of life.

Do your own thing or add a Pause Retreat Reflection theme to your package. 

Plenty of resources to use such as: bibles, sound box to listen to your music, books, therapeutic cards, journaling question cards, coloring in pencils and art pad, etc.  

Check in at 9am and checkout at 5pm (8 hours in the studio). No meals included, you are welcome bring your own food.

Studio Only

Pause Retreats Studio  

with Massage

To complete your day at the studio, add a massage.

Get to experience the top of the range massage chair that gives you an immersive and luxurious massage experience with zero gravity settings.

 Benefits of a massage

  • Improve chronic neck and back pain

  • Reduce the number of migraines and improve sleep quality

  • Reduce muscle fatigue and soreness from exercise

  • Help support the healthy function of your immune system

  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Reduce stress while promoting healthy blood pressure and heart rate

  • Improve circulation

With Massage
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Add on a Counselling/Coaching Session with Lyn 

To enhance and complement your your day retreat, book a 50 minute counselling/coaching session with Lyn. This is an opportunity to answer any questions that have come up during your stay, to dig a bit deeper, to talk about something that you are struggling with, to receive prayer, etc. 

She brings a wealth of personal and professional experience into a therapeutic counselling/coaching session along with deep empathy, compassion and wisdom.

With Counselling
Reflection Guide Only

Reflection Guide


For those who wish to have some quality alone-time and like to be guided by a theme/topic to make the moment more meaningful and productive... We offer a do-it-yourself reflection guide for your stay at Pause Retreat Studio. These reflection guides are available in hard copy (comes with note pad and pen) and electronic format for your personal use at  home, on vacation, during holidays, etc. 


Our Pause Retreats Reflections are designed to have a holistic approach: reflective, biblical, prayer, creative, thought provoking (cognitive) whilst also incorporating our emotions and feelings (emotional intelligence).  Psychoeducation information and scripture are included in each topic/theme.

You can pick from our well-thought topic guides to assist with your own  reflections.

reflection guide pause retreats.png
Additional Info

Additional Information


We can also cater for special occasions; personal celebrations such as birthdays for up to 3 people, mother and daughter days, bride and bride maids' retreat, and other related small group of women gathering. Gift certificates are also available.

If you require a personalised retreat or you have any requests, please let us know and we will do our best to cater to your needs.  Please call 08 6244 3241.


To book a retreat, please click here.

Please select the topic or theme you want to attend and enter it in the appointment notes when booking your retreat.

Pause Retreats Reflections are designed to have a holistic approach:

reflective, biblical, scripture, prayer, creative, thought provoking (cognitive) and to be aware of what emotions come up during this time (emotional intelligence).

You may choose not to use a topic/themed reflection, you are very welcome to do your own thing.

A selection of books and resources are available for you to use during your stay.

Self-Directed Reflection

A Self-Directed Reflection is where you choose the scripture, book, etc., and use the reflective toolkit to enhance your experience in your reflective time. It includes key questions, thoughts, emotional responses, prayer, creative drawing, and application.

Managing Stress Reflection

Many illnesses are caused and related to stress, understanding stress, recognising our symptoms, and understanding how stress impacts our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing is important. How to monitor, manage, maintain, and maneuver our stress. What is the biblical response to stress?

Creative Writing Reflection

Choose from our specially design creative writing questions to reflect, pray and write about; you can also include creative drawing or coloring in.

Be Still Reflection

Do you need a safe space to hang out with God, reflect and process whatever is going on with your life?  To rest, to be replenished? To use Pause Retreat Studio without all the trimmings? Why would we want to enter a space of solitude and silence to examine our hearts, to see our sin, flaws, to struggle, to know ourselves? It is here where we experience the redemptive, restorative healing power and intimacy. To sit back and bask in God’s presence reduces us to tears where joy, pain, freedom meet together being overwhelmed with God’s love and grace.


“Wisdom comes once we learn to become still… In the silence of the heart, one learns the journey of the wise.” - Unknown

 Be Still Reflection teaches us what it means to be still, what stops you from being still, the opportunity to reflect on key questions and practice being still. Call Lyn on 0499 042 551 or submit an enquiry.

Creative Writing Reflection

Balance is not something you find; it is something you create. If we are not deliberate in seeking balance in our life, it never happens.

Pause Retreats FINAL-2-1.jpg
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