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About us


Connections Counselling Perth desires to promote the emotional, relational, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of people through the provision of Christ Centred Counselling and psychological services. We have a team of Christian Counsellors and Psychologists available at our conveniently located clinics across Perth

(Victoria Park, South Perth, and Yangebup).

We also offer online counselling via our secure interactive platform. Phone calls are also available.


Connections Counselling Perth offers a professional counselling service in a warm, supportive and

non-judgemental environment. Our professional therapists are able to work with a wide variety of people

no matter what their religious, culture or beliefs are; meeting clients where they are at in their life journey.

Our therapists are experienced, respectful and compassionate professionals who specialise in a variety of areas.

Meet us up close and download our company profile.

Our Vision


Restoring Lives through Christ Centred Counselling.

Vision Mission & Values

Our Mission


To promote the emotional, relational, psychological and spiritual well-being of people within the local church environment through the provision of Christ Centred Counselling and

Psychological Services.


One of our programs includes Hope Alive Group Therapy. Watch this video to understand more of what we do.

Our Values


We honour the uniqueness, purpose and dignity of each person as bearers of God’s image, being sensitive and attentive to the well-being of each person’s mind, body and soul.



We act fairly, ethically and authentically with transparency.



We strive to provide the highest level of care, ethical standards and services in our practice that honours God and inspires people.



We extend and reflect the mercy and kindness of God during a time of suffering and vulnerability.



We proclaim the fullness of life available to all without limit, through faith in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Our Fees

It is heart and goal to provide an affordable and assessable, professional counselling and psychology service based on a sliding scale in proportion to combined household income.

Our Fees Range from:


Counsellors’ fees range from $95.00 - $115.00

Psychologists’ fees range from $182.00 - $232.00

Please note: When you see a psychologist, you are eligible for a Medicare rebate if you have a current Mental Health Care Plan from your GP. Medicare rebate amount is $92.90.

For your comparison, the recommend fees by the professional governing bodies of counsellors and psychologist are indicated below:


· Australian Psychological Society (APS) recommends standard fee is $280.00 to $300.00.


· Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) recommended fee is from $100 - $160 per hour.


Fees are automatically deducted from your nominated credit/debit card one day prior to your appointment.


Please contact us through 08 6244 3241 if you want your precise fee amount.

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