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Our Team

Our Christian Counsellors and Psychologists are professional and experienced therapists who are committed to the highest professional and  ethical standards to protect confidentiality and to provide a safe and quality service.

Connections Counselling Perth ensures that all therapists maintain regular clinical supervision

and development.

We are located at Victoria Park, South Perth, and Yangebup.


Online Counselling is also available. Schedule a session with our Counsellors and Psychologists

from anywhere in the world. 

lyn varty.png

Lyn Varty

Managing Director / Christian Counsellor

Lyn is a well sought-after Christian Counsellor; she owns and manages Connections Healthcare Centre and Counselling and Psychology services across Perth. Lyn has over 32 years’ experience helping people through difficult and complex life circumstances. Lyn brings a wealth of personal and professional experience into a therapeutic setting. She has studied extensively and is best known for her work in neglect, abuse and all forms of pregnancy loss including abortion. Her clients describe her as very compassionate, genuine, insightful and is committed to helping people through life’s difficulties. Lyn strives to conduct herself in a professional and ethical way. Lyn also manages and coordinates Hope Alive Australia and New Zealand; founded Pause Retreats.


She finds it extremely beneficial and vital to take time out, to pause, to nourish her physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Lyn is continuing her journey while learning and growing in how to practice the presence of God, being still and hearing God’s gentle still voice.

Lyn has been married for 43 years with two children and three grandchildren. She loves walking, jigsaw puzzles, hanging out with friends, family and playing with her grandchildren.


She has Diploma in Counselling, and provides individual and group supervision.

Note:  We do not provide reports or letters.


To book an appointment, call us or  send a message


lynette lim.png

Pe Wei Lim

Administrative Assistant

Pe Wei worked as a registered nurse in Perth and Singapore for eight years combined. She chose to be a full-time mother with the succeeding birth of her daughters and migrated to WA with her family in 2008. After a few years, she studied counselling while also working as a Medical Receptionist at Queens Park Medical Centre.

During her free time, Pe Wei enjoys watching TV and relaxing. She also loves listening to people’s stories because she believes that each individual has a unique journey that makes them who they are.


She is a registered nurse and she has earned her Diploma in Applied Social Science (Counselling) at Tabor College.

Lara Savic on white bg.png

Lara Savic

Administrative Assistant

Lara is a fun and bubbly person who aims to study psychology. With her background in hairdressing, she has found a passion for connecting with people on a more emotional level. Additionally, she plays a vital role in administration and receptionist duties, where she excels in organizing tasks efficiently and creating welcoming environments for clients. Lara loves to listen to a wide range of people to understand and acknowledge all of their stories.


Dedicated and highly organized, Lara has experience supporting efficient office operations. She is proficient in various admin tools, an exceptional multitasker, and an effective communicator. Known for delivering outstanding customer service, maintaining confidentiality, and consistently meeting deadlines. A team player with a strong work ethic and a track record of contributing to organizational success.

verna austria.png

Vernadette Austria

Digital Marketing Manager

Vernadette has years of solid background in marketing with core in Search Engine Optimization, Website Content Management and Social Media Strategy driven with a foundation in mainstream Advertising.

She is currently managing the digital marketing campaigns and implementing online strategies of Connections Counselling and Healthcare Centre, Hope Alive, and Pause Retreats across platforms.

Before going into full digital marketing work, Vernadette was a Broadcast Producer for reputable Ad Agencies, Marketing Manager of a Global Recruitment Firm and was also a part-time College Instructor teaching Communication and Marketing subjects.

To keep up with the fast-paced growth of  the digital marketing industry, she continues to attend online workshops and live events in the US, Austria, and Hongkong. She is a Google Analytics certified. Vernadette has Master’s degree in Business Administration with double major in Business Management and Communications.


Kristy Felsea


Kristy is passionate about people, their uniqueness and the journey that they are on. She has 16 years of experience as Psychologist and comes from an eclectic approach that is Christian and client centred. She provides a safe space for her clients to explore, discover, learn and grow through the difficulties that life brings; creating an environment to do so through her warmth, compassionate, and genuine interest to every individual.


She is zealous about working with families, in particular couples, parents, children, adolescents and young adults and holds a special interest in grief counselling, relationship counselling, challenges around change, impact of faith and reaching the person’s unique potential to live life to the fullest.


Kristy is a Registered Psychologist with postgraduate qualifications in Grief & Palliative Care Counselling, Counselling Bereaved Children, along with modules in Art & Expressive Therapy. She is a member of Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Note:  We do not provide reports or letters.

Kristy is available at Yangebup on Mondays and Fridays. To book an appointment, call us or  send a message.

gaston on white bg.png

Gaston Antezana


Gaston is a counsellor with over 20 years of experience helping individuals, couples and families. He has extensive teaching experience in the fields of psychology, counselling and education. He has worked as a clinician in Australia and overseas in different settings including universities, agencies and private practice.

Gaston provides support for young people, individuals and couples in different areas including but not limited to: anxiety, depression, grief, relationships and stress management. He also has extensive experience in treating problem in gambling and its effects.


With a passion for faith and theology, Gaston is a registered Christian Counsellor and can offer counselling and guidance on spiritual issues. He is also an accredited clinical supervisor. Gaston can provide counselling in English and in Spanish.


Gaston was trained as a Psychologist in South America with a specific focus on CBT. He is also knowledgeable in Person Centred Psychotherapy and has a specialty in Positive Psychology. In Australia, he is registered as a clinical member with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and the Christian Counselling Association of Australia (CCAA).


Gaston received his PhD from Flinders University in South Australia, his research focused on the interaction of mental health, wellbeing and technology for young people. He also has an MBA and is a Senior Lecturer currently working as the Discipline Lead (Course Coordinator) for the Master of Counselling and the Master of Creative Arts Therapies at Murdoch University.

Note:  We do not provide reports or letters.


Gaston is available at Yangebup on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. To book an appointment, call us or  send a message.

Alison Watt.png

Alison Watt

Provisional Psychologist

Alison provides a safe space for you to unpack the concerns you are experiencing and gain the life skills you need for the life you want to lead.

With vast experience in working with adults, youth, children and families, Alison brings a respectful and compassionate perspective and enjoys helping her clients find healthy perceptions of themselves.

Alison has extensive work and volunteer work experience with multicultural urban and rural communities, both locally and interstate.

Paired with her Psychology Honours and qualifications in Psychology and Social Services, she is well-equipped in providing evidence-based practice. She is deeply respectful of the background and needs of her clients and protective of the environment they need to receive healing. 

Married for 36 years, mother and grandmother, Alison is a versatile practitioner and a skilled listener and communicator. 

She is an Associate member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Note:  We do not provide reports or letters. 

Alison is available at Victoria Park on Tuesdays, and at Yangebup on Thursdays. To book an appointment, call us or  send a message.

Peter Watt on white bg.png

Peter Watt


Peter is a psychologist and psychotherapist with three decades of counselling experience working with a wide variety of mental health and chronic pain conditions. He has consulted at government, community, and private settings, in both urban and rural regions. 

An interest in psychosomatic medicine led to Peter's involvement in a rural multidisciplinary IBD clinic where he treated patients as the team psychologist, and began researching and publishing in health psychology and program development.

Peter is an approachable, caring, and empathic clinician whose knowledge of psychotherapy and clinical experience equips him to work with a broad range of individuals and presentations in a collaborative effort towards lasting change.


He has a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Psychology, and a Diploma of Pastoral Psychotherapy, Marriage & Family Therapy. He is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Peter is registered with GutSmart, and assists members of the ADF.

Note:  We do not provide reports or letters. 


Peter is available  at Victoria Park on Tuesdays, and at Yangebup on Thursdays and Fridays. To book an appointment, call us or  send a message.


Janine Luzi


Janine has a proven exemplary result in Christian counselling as she works for more than 12  years in a range of areas including trauma, abuse, addiction, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, identity and relationships. She has an integrative approach, according to individual needs, while working collaboratively, navigating through life’s difficulties across diverse cultural backgrounds.


She is warm, genuine and open, with a passionate and committed approach to facilitating hope and restoration of individual lives.


Janine has earned a Bachelor in Family Therapy, Master Counselling, Expressive Therapies in Sandplay and Symbol Work. She is a member of Australia Counsellors Association (ACA).

Note:  We do not provide reports or letters. 


Janine is available at Victoria Park on Mondays. To book an appointment, call us or  send a message.




Alicia is a registered Psychologist with seven years of substantial training with adolescents, adults, and couples experiencing wide-range of issues including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, self-esteem, trauma, faith and spiritual, and personality disorders.


She is passionate about helping others work through the issues of day-to-day life and the challenges of battling mental health problems. Alicia exudes a warm, gentle and friendly nature. She takes a non-judgmental approach to therapy and believes it can help enhance anyone’s life, no matter where they are at.


Alicia has a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology from Curtin University in Western Australia. She is a member of Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Note:  We do not provide reports or letters. 


Alicia is available at Victoria Park on Mondays. To book an appointment, call us or  send a message.

ruth on white bg.png

Ruth Crawford


Ruth is a counsellor with over 12 years of experience working with young people, couples and families. She has worked in school and hospital settings, not-for-profit organisations and disability and mining sectors providing wellbeing and mental health support.


Ruth is warm, genuine and has a relational approach as a person-centred counsellor. She is passionate about mental health and wellbeing, working from an integrative and eclectic approach to best meet the person’s need.  Her compassionate and sensitive manner creates an environment in which people from all backgrounds feel safe, helping to enable them to process and find meaning in painful experiences, discovering new possibilities and resources, and developing a greater understanding and awareness in one’s sense of self. 


She provides counselling for young people, couples, and individuals in various areas, including grief and loss, trauma, relationships, identity, stress management, depression and anxiety.


Ruth holds qualifications in family therapy, psychotherapy and a Master of Counselling.  She is a registered counsellor with Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and Psychotherapy and Counselling Association of Australian (PACFA).

Note:  We do not provide reports or letters. 


Ruth is available at Victoria Park on Wednesdays and Thursdays. To book an appointment, call us or  send a message.

Wendy lim counsellor at connections counseling perth on white bg ls.jpg.png

Wendy Lim


Having journeyed through her own experiences of harm and trauma, Wendy has learned the crucial value of safety and respect within the therapeutic relationship.  She recognises the courage of her clients in choosing to face their pain, and honours them with dignity and a sense of empowerment within the sacred places they want to explore.  The path is not always easy to navigate, but Wendy is committed to walking alongside her clients with gentleness, patience, and compassion.

She has helped clients work through issues of complex grief, loss, trauma, spiritual abuse, religious trauma, and domestic violence.  She is holistic in her approach and uses an eclectic range of therapeutic practices, including Narrative, Sand Tray, Psychodynamic, and Polyvagal techniques.

Born in Malaysia, grown up in Australia, and being married to a German man for the last 15  years has shaped Wendy to be aware and sensitive to the diversity of cultures and backgrounds in society. 

Wendy has a Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling), is currently completing a Masters in Counselling Practice, and is a member of the Australian Counselling Association. 

Note:  We do not provide reports or letters. 

Wendy is available at Yangebup and South Perth on Mondays and Thursdays.

To book an appointment, call us or  send a message.


Denise Bath


Denise has 23 years of extensive experience counselling children and working with families in need. As a woman of faith, Denise, with God, joins clients on their healing journey to assist them to discover, accept and find solutions to resolve what is impacting them or their families.


She is a genuine, resilient lady with a love and passion for working with children and families.


Denise has a Bachelor in Social Science, Graduate Diploma in Human Service and Master of Arts in Human Service Counselling. She is a member of Australia Counsellors Association (ACA).


Note:  We do not provide reports or letters. 

Denise is available at South Perth on Fridays. To book an appointment, call us or  send a message.

Pe Wei

Note: Schedule might change without notice, kindly call us or  send a message to confirm the dates.

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