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our psychologist
at Victoria Park and Yangebup

Peter Watt.png

Peter Watt

Peter is a psychologist and psychotherapist with three decades of counselling experience working with a wide variety of mental health and chronic pain conditions. He has consulted at government, community, and private settings, in both urban and rural regions. 

An interest in psychosomatic medicine led to Peter's involvement in a rural multidisciplinary IBD clinic where he treated patients as the team psychologist, and began researching and publishing in health psychology and program development.

Peter is an approachable, caring, and empathic clinician whose knowledge of psychotherapy and clinical experience equips him to work with a broad range of individuals and presentations in a collaborative effort towards lasting change.


He has a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Psychology, and a Diploma of Pastoral Psychotherapy, Marriage & Family Therapy. He is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Peter is registered with GutSmart, and assists members of the ADF.

Note:  We do not provide reports or letters. 


Peter is available  at Victoria Park on Tuesdays, and at Yangebup on Thursdays and Fridays. To book an appointment, call us or  send a message.

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