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Do-It-Yourself Reflection Guide

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For those who wish to have some quality alone-time and would like to be guided by one of our reflection themes to make the moment more meaningful... We offer a do-it-yourself reflection guide of your choice:


  • Hard copy (comes with note pad and pen) for $9.50/topic 

  • Electronic format for $5.50/topic.

Our Pause Retreats Reflections are designed to have a holistic approach: reflective, biblical, prayer, creative, thought provoking (cognitive) whilst also incorporating our emotions and feelings (emotional intelligence).  Psychoeducation information and scripture are included in each topic/theme.

Be Still Reflection 

Do you need a safe space to hang out with God, reflect and process whatever is going on with your life?  To rest, to be replenished? Why would we want to enter a space of solitude and silence to examine our hearts, to see our sin, flaws, to struggle, to know ourselves? It is here where we experience the redemptive, restorative healing power and intimacy. To sit back and bask in God’s presence reduces us to tears where joy, pain, freedom meet together being overwhelmed with God’s love and grace.

Managing Stress Reflection

Many illnesses are caused and related to stress, understanding stress, recognising our symptoms, and understanding how stress impacts our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing is important. How to monitor, manage, maintain, and maneuver our stress. What is the biblical response to stress?

Self-Directed Reflection
A Self-Directed Reflection is where you choose the scripture, book, etc., and use the reflective toolkit to enhance your experience in your reflective time. It includes key questions, thoughts, emotional responses, prayer, creative drawing, and application.

Creative Writing Reflection
Choose from our specially design creative writing questions to reflect, pray and write about; you can also include creative drawing or coloring in.

Seeking Balance Reflection
Balance is not something you find; it is something you create. If we are not deliberate in seeking balance in our life, it never happens.


Note: Invoice shall be forwarded to you for payment.
Chosen Reflection Guide cost + GST

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