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MEet our occupational therapist
at Victoria Park


Kirsty Peterson
Occupational Therapist

Kirsty Peterson is our Occupational Therapist at Vic Park. She is passionate about using the gifts and passions God has given her to bring dignity and wellbeing to the people around her. She grew up in Africa and from a young age became aware of life’s brokenness and its many injustices, which grew in her a desire to see lives restored. She firmly believes that each person is important to God and that His heart towards them is for them to be restored to wholeness in Him; to experience His love and goodness in their lives, despite the challenges they may encounter. This desire resulted in Kirsty graduating in 2015 from Curtin University, equipped with an undergraduate Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy, with First Class Honours. B.Sc.OccT (Hons.).


Kirsty then completed post graduate training in Functional Soft Tissue Therapy. 


Over the years, Kirsty has enjoyed working alongside a diverse range of individuals; including young kids, older adults, rural communities, and people presenting with acute & chronic musculoskeletal issues. 


As an OT, Kirsty partners with people of all ages and stages who may have experienced injury, illness (mental or physical) or disability, with the goal of achieving optimal health, function and wellbeing. Her aim is to help people to engage in their occupations (anything meaningful or necessary which occupies their time) in order to achieve independence, restored health, greater purpose, wellbeing and life satisfaction.

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