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occupational therapy
at Victoria Park, Perth

Are you feeling sore, stiff, tired, or unmotivated? Wanting to get back to feeling whole and well again so that you can do the things that matter most to you?

Come try Soft Tissue OT for an effective, natural and holistic approach to wellbeing and recovery.

We are ready to help you to thrive again!


Our Soft Tissue Occupational Therapist, Kirsty Peterson, is located at Connections Healthcare Center, 413 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park.

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Kirsty is trained to think outside the box and clinically identify physical, psychosocial, spiritual, cognitive, behavioural and environmental factors that can either help or hinder a person’s participation in everyday activities. Her desire is to provide highly individualised, holistic, evidence-based, and effective care to every client she meets.


Each person has a unique story with unique dreams, ambitions and challenges; so every treatment plan will look different. Kirsty’s role is to work alongside her clients to set personalised goals, to work towards measurable improvements and help them to thrive in their body, mind and soul. 

Kirsty can work with:  

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Functional Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy

‘Soft Tissue’ is a collective term referring to a person’s muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, as well as their nervous, lymphatic and circulatory systems. This area of OT focuses on improving your physical health, using a holistic, natural hands-on approach to get to the root cause of your physical challenges. The treatments are individualised in order to reduce pain and inflammation, increase movement and function, and improve quality of life. The goal is to get you back to doing what you love (engaging in your meaningful occupations) without needing to regularly rely on pharmaceuticals. These treatments can also improve performance and recovery for individuals who engage regularly in sport or physically demanding tasks. The treatment plans may include physical therapy, lymphatic drainage, goal setting, dietary and lifestyle changes & nutritional supplementation. 

Is there any greater life-altering transition than becoming a mum? Healthy mums = healthy societies. Mothers are the bedrocks of our communities and Kirsty is very passionate (after having three babies of her own) about working with mums as they navigate through this challenging, wonderful and deeply transformative season of their lives. Kirsty can work with mums at any stage of their motherhood journey: including preparation for pregnancy, labour, birth and well into the postpartum bonding and recovery period. The transition from maiden to mother can be physically, spiritually, emotionally and cognitively challenging, and our villages aren’t as supportive as they used to be. Kirsty’s hope is to holistically equip mums with the support and knowledge they need to truly thrive and grow in every aspect of motherhood.

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With mums

children - occupational therapy.png

with children

As a mum of three, Kirsty has a big heart for assisting children to holistically meet their developmental milestones (gross and fine motor skills; coordination; learning, etc.). She enjoys partnering with and educating parents to enable optimal development and wellbeing of their kids.

Assisting clients to thrive and maintain independence in their later years by addressing areas such as pain management, psychosocial needs, mental and cognitive wellbeing, home modifications and equipment prescription.

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and aged care

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injury management

Assessing clients post-injury to determine the functional requirements of their everyday roles within the categories of productivity, leisure and self-care. Providing rehabilitation and environmental adaptations to maximise their engagement and independence, regardless of their current physical capacity.

Developing holistic and evidence-based individual and group programs to enhance clients’ independence & confidence in everyday activities. Working 1:1 with a client to goal set and develop coping strategies to assist the client to thrive, despite any mental health challenges.

mental health - occupational therapy.png

mental health

Note: GP care plans available if eligible

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