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10 Ways to Plan 2022

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Throw away new year resolutions. Join us on the 27th January for a free mini webinar and be inspired with high hopes and full spirit. I have listed some advice to add up on your plan as we continue to have a meaningful journey together.

1. Review and Reflect on the Past Year

The end of the year is a natural pause point to take the time to reflect and review the year that has just passed.

12 Reflection Questions

a. How would l define my relationship with God? Passionate, intimate, ever growing, mediocre, dying or stagnate.

b. What is the biggest thing l have seen Jesus do in my personal life?

c. How has God used me in the lives of others?

d. What regrets do I have?

e. Where and what do l wish l spent more time doing?

f. What opportunity did l pass up?

g. What lessons did l learn?

h. Is my life defined by the traits of the fruit of the spirit? Galatians 5:22-23

i. What l will do differently in the new year?

j. What do l need to start doing?

k. What do l need to stop doing?

l. A sobering question, what would I like written on my tombstone?

2. Set Realistic Goals

Throw away new year resolutions. Join me on the 27th January and be inspired to set yourself up to

3. Show Your Appreciation

Give thanks to God for the many blessings for the year that just passed. Take time to show your

appreciation to those who have supported you or inspired you in 2022 with a handwritten card or


4. Take time to reflect on What Your Top 5 Top Values are

Then write a Vision and Mission Statement. When making decisions and choices, try and align them up with your values, vision and mission statement.

5. Make a Vision Board

Bring out the artist in you by creating a vision board for the new year. Include your mission and

vision statement.

6. Plan your Calendar

Create your events calendar for the new year. You may include important holidays (holidays build

resilience), birthdays, special date nights, family outings and personal retreats. Check out the

Adventure Challenge books for couples, friends and families.

7. Create a Reading, Podcast, Ted Talk plan.

Reading and listening to sermons of God’s word; Ted talks ethic is a great way to grow, even if it’s

just 10 minutes a day.

8. Set a New Morning Routine

How you start your morning quite often dictates how your day will be. Before your feet hit the

floor, thank God for the day and commit your day and ways to Him.

9. Make a Fun Bucket List

Start writing down everything you want to experience this year. Remember this is a fun list of

things big or small. For example:

  • Join a cooking class

  • Finish book series

  • Attend a concert

  • Go fishing

  • Go horse riding

10. Volunteer

Giving helps our mental health; spend a day volunteering for a cause for at least once a month— serve at your church, planting trees, mission trip, etc.

Let's all have an amazing year! Sending blessings.

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