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Lyn Varty

Founder of Pause Retreats

Lyn is the founder of Pause Retreats. She created a nurturing space where women are welcome just as they are, to unplug, to just be, to relax, recharge and reconnect to self and God. A safe haven away from the busyness, demands, responsibilities and pressures of life.

Lyn has found over the last 30 years that it is extremely beneficial and vital to take time out, to be still and surrender. God has ministered, healed, restored, encouraged, inspired, and given her creative ideas, refreshed and drawn her closer to the Heavenly Father, where He has showered her in His love and grace.

It is extremely beneficial and vital to take time out to nourish our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It is not God’s desire for us to go through the motions and merely survive but he wants us to thrive.

She is still learning and growing in how to practice the presence of God, being still and hearing God’s gentle still voice. She has found it is a discipline and commitment to set time aside to be with her Heavenly Father. 

Lyn loves creating space to hang out with God, to pause, be still and surrender. Where your mind, body and soul will be nurtured; a space to re-centre, reconnect, replenish, recharge, and realign to self and God.

Happy Clients

What Our Clients are Saying about Pause Retreats

“What an incredible weekend of rest, connection, being resourced and inspired….and just so many beautiful, precious God moments. Lyn created a sacred space for learning, growing and being nurtured. It felt safe. It felt warm and welcoming. And by the end, the multigenerational group of women felt like family. I am leaving this weekend feeling well rested, refreshed, equipped and inspired to make some much needed change to my busy lifestyle.”
- Carmen

 Pause Retreat in Rockingham

Two-Day Pause Retreat at St. John of God Retreat Centre at Shoalwater

When: 9:30am of Fri 15th May 2025  to

             12:30pm of Sun 18th May 2025

Cost: $600 - $800

Deposit to secure booking $100, non-refundable.

Payment plan available to suit your circumstance.

Add-ons will be charged separately. 

Final payment due 7th Feb 2025. 

More information coming soon about our Deluxe, Standard, and Basic packages.

What is included in my two-day retreat?

·       Accommodation, either Seaview unit, house, or single              dorm

·       All meals, morning, and afternoon tea

·       Decadent morning tea upon arrival

·       Two interactive workshops “Solitude, Being Still, and                  Surrender”

·       Three interactive workshops to be confirmed soon

·       Two advanced workshops “Solitude, Being Still, and                  Surrender” for those who attended in 2024

·       Reflection, question, and psychoeducational                              educational, and scripture booklet

·       Beautiful gardens with a labyrinth, stations of the cross,          beach is opposite the retreat centre

Pause Retreats Reflections are designed to have a holistic approach:​ reflective, biblical, scripture, prayer, creative, thought provoking (cognitive) and to be aware of what emotions come up during this time (emotional intelligence).

Additional add-ons will be available at an extra cost.

Prior to attending your retreat, you will receive an information and preparation email.

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take a glimpse of our 2024 retreat
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Five Interactive workshops relating to stress, anxiety, self-care, the importance of seeking a balance life and being still

The five interactive workshops will cover stress, its causes, understanding the impact, stages, and how to monitor, maneuver, manage and maintain stress. Anxiety, the window of tolerance, self-care, self-care plan, 6 habits worth cultivating, life wheel, and the importance of seeking a balanced life. Being still, the meaning of being still, how to enter into stillness and God’ presence, the obstacles that prevent us from entering the state of being still, benefits of being still, and seeking solitude.


These workshops will be interactive, practical, and informative with Q & A at the end of each session.

Personal Reflection Time

Personal Reflection Time

During your Pause Retreat, you will have plenty of time to hang out with God, reflect, process, and pray. To rest, to be replenished.  


Take a moment  to enter a space of solitude and silence, to examine our hearts, to see our sin, flaws, to struggle, to know, understand ourselves and surrender.  


It is in times like this that we experience the redemptive, restorative healing power, and intimacy of our Lord Jesus Christ. To sit back and bask in God’s presence reduces us to tears where joy, pain, freedom meet together; a time of being overwhelmed with God’s love and grace. A time to be revitalised, refreshed, and renewed.


The schedule will be provided on arrival.

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Add-on Counselling
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Add-on a session with Lyn 

Discounted Rate for 2-Day Retreat Only at $85

Original price $115+GST (26% exclusive discount)

To enhance and complement your retreat, book a 50 minute counselling session with Lyn. This is an opportunity to answer any questions that have come up during your stay, to dig a bit deeper, to talk about something that you are struggling with, to receive prayer, etc. 

She brings a wealth of personal and professional experience into a therapeutic counselling session along with deep empathy, compassion, and wisdom.

Add-On OT Services

Occupational Therapy Offerings

Add-on a session with Kirsty

Discounted Rate for 2-Day Retreat Only  


Soft Tissue OT Treatment

Book in with our OT, Kirsty for a private Soft Tissue Treatment. This specialised style of myofascial release is targeted and aims to boost your circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, calm your nervous system, and aid your overall healing and relaxation. The pressure, style, and body areas treated can be adapted to your preferences.


We are offering two heavily discounted options because we truly want to provide each of you the opportunity to feel pampered and elevate your relaxation experience to the next level


  • Neck and Shoulders 15 minutes for $45

         Original price $75, but only $45 for the retreat

       (40% exclusive discount)

  • Full Body 30 Minutes for $80 

      Original price $110, but only $80 for the retreat

      (27% exclusive discount) 

Wellbeing Check-in with our OT

Is there an area of your life you’re wanting to dig into and prayerfully process with somebody? Schedule a 30-minute private OT session with Kirsty. Together you will dive into your heart, life, and current challenges in order to discover some tangible solutions, set clear goals, and discover hope where there is currently heaviness.


  • Wellbeing Check-in 30 minutes for $75

      Original price $145, but only $75 for the retreat

      (48% exclusive discount) 

Group OT Sessions "Waking Up Our Senses'


Join us for a wholesome early morning beach swim. This session will include stretching and prayer, as well as some wellbeing discussions with our Occupational Therapist, Kirsty. We will explore the wonderful benefits of sunshine, cold therapy, breath work, grounding and life-giving rhythms.

  • Waking Up Our Senses Group Session $5/pp

       Original price $50/person, but only $5/per person for         the retreat (90% exclusive discount) 

Know more about our Occupational Therapist, Kirsty Peterson.

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Pause Retreats FINAL-2-1.jpg
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