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Benefits of Online Counselling

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Connections Counselling conducts face-to-face sessions through our three locations in Fremantle, South Perth and Dianella. Our service is also available via online appointment. Whichever avenue clients wish to proceed, our Team makes sure that they received professional counselling in a warm, supportive and non-judgmental environment.

What’s the best part with online counselling (also known as telehealth) is getting the opportunity to serve anywhere in the world and that we are able to offer our services beyond Perth. We are grateful to get bookings across continents from Eastern Australia, Japan, and Belgium.

Why consider online access to mental health treatment?

Quick and Easy – As long as there is a stable internet connection, people living in remote areas can avail of a quality counselling without traveling for long hours or being stuck in heavy traffic.

Health Reasons – With Covid-19 still around us, the safest way to connect is through virtual consultation.

Comfort - Find a relaxing corner at home or your preferred secure location and make the most of your session by creating comfortable and cozy space.

Accessible – Anyone can book for a counselling session even those limited to go out due to disability and sickness.

Secrecy – Given the stigma, some refuse to be seen coming to a mental health clinic and would rather keep their session in secret. Face-to-face or online, we guarantee strict privacy protocol is being followed.

Ready to proceed? I wrote another blog about “Preparing for Online and Phone Counselling Session” to guide you before booking and help manage your expectations and we have a page providing recommendations for a successful online counselling session.

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